Ph.d.- og doktorafhandlinger

Jojo Biel-Nielsen Dietz

Occupational Contact Dermatitis – Development and testing of a German-inspired intervention

Forsvaret 25.10. 2023

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Michael Wennervaldt

Nickel allergy – Low-dose nickel exposures and the involved immunology

Forsvaret 16.06. 2023

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Anders Boutrup Funch

Immune mechanisms behind local skin reactions to contact allergens

Forsvaret 17.03. 2023

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Martin Havmose

Occupational hand eczema in hairdressers – Long-term follow-up and evaluation of a nationwide evidence-based skin protection programme

Forsvaret 02.12. 2022

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Stine Skovbo Hoffmann

Children with vaccination granulomas and aluminium contact allergy

Forsvaret 18.11. 2022

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Julie Breinholt Kjær Sølberg

The skin transcriptome

Forsvaret 10.12. 2021

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Maria Anna Bruusgaard-Mouritsen

Allergy to natural ingredients and polyethylene glycols in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products

Forsvaret 25.11. 2021

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Rie Dybboe Bjerre

The skin microbiome in atopic dermatitis

Forsvaret 08.07. 2021

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Farzad Seyed-Alinaghi

Sensitization trends for chromium and cobalt and causative exposures

Forsvaret 02.07. 2021

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Mia Hamilton Jee 

Skin and thymus connections – effects on T cell development

Forsvaret 24.09. 2020

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Sanne Steengaard Meisser

Allergic Contact Dermatitis to para-phenylenediamine and the immunology involved

Forsvaret 11.12. 2019

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Niels Højsager Bennike

Contact Allergy to Fragrance Substances – Epidemiological Aspects and Experimental Investigations

Forsvaret 20.02. 2019

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Malin Glindvad Ahlström

Nickel Allergy: Effect of Repeated Exposures and Skin Barrier Integrity

Forsvaret 07.12. 2018

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Jakob Ferløv Schwensen

Contact Allergy to Methylisothiazolinone – Observational and Experimental Studies

Forsvaret 02.06. 2017

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David Bregnbak

Allergy to Chromium – Patient Characteristics and Exposures

Forsvaret 24.03. 2017

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Nina Glasser Heede

Epidemiology of dermatitis – A characterization of genetic predisposition and personal consequences

Forsvaret 05.12. 2016

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Majken Hougaard Foss-Skiftesvik

Occupational allergic and irritant skin and respiratory diseases in hairdressers – Occurrence and clinical investigations

Forsvaret 04.11. 2016

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Morten Schjørring Opstrup

Allergy to chlorhexidine

Forsvaret 18.03. 2016

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Josefine Bandier

Filaggrin and skin reactivity to irritants – Epidemiological and Experimental studies

Forsvaret 22.05. 2015

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Ulrik Fischer Friis

Exposure assessment in occupational contact dermatitis

Forsvaret 03.10. 2014

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Annette Mollerup

Hand eczema: Self-management and prognosis

Forsvaret 28.03. 2014

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Maria Vølund Heisterberg

Fragrance allergy – Diagnosis, causes and quality of life

Forsvaret 11.10. 2013

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Katrine Ross-Hansen

Skin barrier and contact allergy: genetic risk factor analyses

Forsvaret 23.08. 2013

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Susan Hovmand Lysdal

Occupational hand eczema and its career consequences among trained hairdressers: a register based questionnaire study

Forsvaret 13.04. 2012

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Jacob Pontoppidan Thyssen

Nickel and Cobalt Allergy Before and After Nickel Regulation – Evaluation of a Public Health Intervention

Forsvaret 18.08. 2011

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Anne Bregnhøj

Prevention of occupational hand eczema among Danish hairdressing apprentices

Forsvares 17.06. 2011

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Michael Dyrgaard Lundov

Methylisothiazolinone: Contact Allergy and Antimicrobial Efficacy

Forsvaret 06.05. 2011

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Jakob Torp Madsen

Microvesicle Formulations and Contact Allergy – Experimental Studies in In-Vitro, Mice and Man

Forsvaret 08.04. 2011

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Jacob Pontoppidan Thyssen

The Prevalence and Risk Factors of Contact Allergy in the Adult General Population

Forsvaret 11.12. 2009

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Marianne Hald

Hand eczema – severity and medical attendance in relation to prognosis

Forsvaret 30.10. 2009

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Berit Christina Carlsen

Patients with Multiple Contact Allergies: Population Characteristics and Clinical Presentation

Forsvaret 02.10. 2009

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Louise Arup Fischer

Dose-response relationships in contact allergy and studies on single and repeated exposures– perspectives for prevention

Forsvaret 26.06. 2009

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Kåre Engkilde

Allergic Contact Dermatitis and Autoimmune Diseases – Epidemiological and Experimental studies

Forsvaret 28.05. 2009

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Anne Lerbæk Sørensen

Epidemiological and clinical studies on hand eczema in a population-based twin sample

Forsvaret 19.11. 2007

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Heidi Søsted

Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Hair Dye Ingredients

Forsvaret 09.02. 2007

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 Malene Barré Pedersen

Chromium Allergy – Clinical and Cellular Studies

Forsvaret 04.05. 2006

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Jesper Elberling

Ocular and Respiratory Symptoms Elicited by Perfume and Fragrance Products

Forsvaret 02.12. 2005

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Line Kynemund Pedersen

Combined effects of allergens and irritants

Forsvaret 04.11. 2005

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Charlotte Devantier Jensen 

Contact allergy to the preservative methyldibromoglutaronitrile

Forsvaret 27.05. 2005

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Anne-Sofie Østergaard Gadsbøll

Epidermal T cells – Studies on distribution and activation

Forsvaret 11.11. 2019

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Kristiane Aasen Engebretsen

Effect of Environmental and Climatic Exposures on Adult Skin

Forsvaret 19.04. 2018

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Anne Birgitte Simonsen (i samarbejde med Aarhus Universitet, Aarhus Universitetshospital, Odense Universitetshospital, Dansk Kontaktdermatitis Gruppe)

Allergic contact dermatitis in children

Forsvaret 05.04. 2018

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Kristine Røn Larsen (i samarbejde med Odontologisk Institut, Københavns Universitet)

Oral lesions and contact allergy – clinical, histopathological, molecular biological and immunological investigations

Forsvaret 20.01. 2017

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Jonas Damgård Schmidt (i samarbejde med institut for Immunologi og Mikrobiologi, Københavns Universitet)

Investigations of Local Immunological Mechanisms in Contact Allergy

Forsvaret 04.10. 2016

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Nannie Bangsgaard (i samarbejde med Dermato-allergologisk afd, Gentofte Hospital)

Association between Contact allergy and Psoriasis

Forsvaret 07.01. 2011

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 Liselotte Brydensholt Halkjær (i samarbejde med Copsac)

Predictors and Risk factors for Atopic Dermatitis in early Infancy

Forsvaret 28.09. 2006

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Rikke Skøt Cvetkovski

Occupational Hand Eczema – a survey and identification of prognostic risk factors

Forsvaret 21.12. 2005

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Siri Heydorn (EU – FP5-project)

Fragrance allergy and dermatitis on the hands

Forsvaret 16.06. 2004

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