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Asthma and respiratory symptoms among hairdressers in Denmark: Results from a register based questionnaire study.

Lysdal SH, Mosbech H, Johansen JD, Søsted H.

Am J Ind Med 2014, Dec;57(12):1368-76.

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Chemical Intolerance among Hairdressers in Denmark

Tran MTD, Elberling J, Skovbjerg S, Berg ND, Søsted H, Johansen JD, Lysdal SH

PLoS One 2013, 8(8):e71241

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A quantification of occupational skin exposures and the use of protective gloves among hairdressers in Denmark

Lysdal SH, Johansen JD, Flyvholm, MA, Søsted H

Contact Dermatitis 2012, 66(6):323-34

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Do hairdressers in Denmark have their hand eczema reported as an occupational disease? Results from a register-based questionnaire study

Lysdal SH, Søsted H, Johansen JD

Contact Dermatitis 2012, 66(2):72-78

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Hand eczema in hairdressers: a Danish register-based study of the prevalence of hand eczema and its career consequences

Lysdal SH, Søsted H, Andersen KE, Johansen JD

Contact Dermatitis 2011, 65(3):151-8

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Fragrance contact allergic patients: strategies for use of cosmetic products and perceived impact on life situation

Lysdal SH, Johansen JD

Contact Dermatitis 2009, 61: 320–324

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