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Bivirkninger ved tatoveringer i den danske befolkning

Bjerre RD, Ulrich NH, Linneberg A, Duus Johansen J.

J Am Acad Dermatol. 2018 Oct;79(4):770-772.

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Contact dermatitis caused by panthenol used for aftercare treatment of a new tattoo.

Bregnbak D, Johansen JD, Zachariae C.

Contact Dermatitis. 2016 Jul;75(1):50-2

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Severe occupational contact dermatitis caused by black rubber as a consequence of p-phenylenediamine allergy resulting from a temporary henna tattoo

Hald M, Menné T, Johansen JD, Zachariae C

Contact Dermatitis 2013, 68(6):377-9

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Personal use of Hair Dyes and Temporary Black Tattoos in Copenhagen Hairdressers

Hansen HS, Johansen JD, Thyssen JP, Linneberg A, Søsted H

Ann Occup Hyg 2010, 54(4):453-8

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Severe allergic hair dye reactions in 8 children

Søsted H, Johansen JD, Andersen KE, Menné T

Contact Dermatitis 2006, 54:87-91

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Acute fingertip dermatitis to a temporary tatoo and quantitative chemical analysis of the product

Avnstorp C, Rastogi S, Menné T

Contact Dermatitis 2002, 47:119-120

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